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1967 - Sydney, Australia


China, Nepal, India, Turkey, United States, Crete, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Greece, Israel, Egypt, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden


Hannah Hall's education in art began at an early age with the consistent influence of her father, Australian landscape painter and sculptor Ben Hall. Being constantly surrounded by art made it an easy progression for Hannah to explore her own talents.

Hall left her Sydney high school to pursue her desire to practice art full time. In 1985 she was accepted into East Sydney Technical School of Arts where influential artists such as the late Ron Lambert, Robert Eadie and potent influence and family friend Elizabeth Cummings taught her. Cummings style captivated Hall with her technique of layering paint, her impressionistic use of colour and beautiful compositions.

Hall's three years at East Sydney was the foundation of her painterly approach to much of her art and her interest in composition.

In 1992 Hall was accepted into Wollongong University where she completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts. During her time there she acquired grounding in ancient, modern and contemporary art and art history.

Today some of the artists Hall continues to refer to are Fiona Hall, Shinohara Katsuyuki and The Brown Council. Scientists who currently influence Hall's work are Dr William Bengston, Edgar Mitchell, Gregg Braden and Dean Radin and sacred scribe, Ronna Herman.

In the past Hall has investigated and interpreted through her paintings the natural environment, in particular Sydney's water foreshore. Recently, philosophy, science and the nature of the mind and its potential has made a great impression on Hall's art and her approach to her art.

Since 2009, Hall has been combining philosophical ideas about thought and imagination into her art. Using invisible ink to write on existing paintings Hall has been exploring the idea that thoughts are initially invisible until put into action.

Hall also explores methods to gradually change a state of mind or train of thought, by using repetitive mark making and at the same time repeating emotive words combined with specific imagined images. This repetitive process is a type of mind training or self-hypnosis. The effect of changing one’s mind incurs a life change. Through her art Hall continually refers to science and philosophy to explore the potential of the mind. Please visit Hannah's Blog for more detail.

Corporate and private collectors worldwide collect Hall’s work.

Below Left Light on White (Stripes), Silver Foil on Enamel, 92 x 92cm, 2005
Below Right Hannah in the Studio